ComicAttack.Net Five Star Review for TFK Vol. 1

Reviewer Martin Thomas gave The First Kingdom, Vol. 1 – The Birth of Tundran five stars, stating,”Jack Katz’s The First Kingdom is an intense work that deserves, or really demands, concentration and devotion from the reader.” Like many other reviewers, he points out that this is super dense work, speaking of both the visuals and the text.

Read the full review HERE.

Thomas also highlighted his review on his blog, Daddy Rolled a 1, which you can read HERE.

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One Response to ComicAttack.Net Five Star Review for TFK Vol. 1

  1. Thanks for the nice words and for linking both to my review at ComicAttack and also to my blog.

    And of course thanks to the nice folks at Titan Comics who so kindly provided a review copy.


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