ComiXology rates The First Kingdom five stars

Amazon’s spinoff company, ComiXology, allows users to read digital dowloads of comics and graphic novels. They call themselves, “the quintessential site for comic book enthusiasts.” Comixology users  have rated Jack Katz’s “The First Kingdom Vol. 1 – The Birth of Tundran” with its highest rating, five stars, with most titles earning an average of four stars.

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Beyond The Beyond Goes Beyond Its Fundraising Goal and Keeps Going!

Amazing! Beyond The Beyond Jack Katz, the IndieGoGo campaign just keeps going! After we reached our goal of $8,888 we got an offer from IndieGoGo to keep the campaign going and we’ve had four new contributions. Even one from (Phantom of the Paradise) Paul Williams!

So you still have a chance to contribute and to receive some fantastic rewards, including original, signed artwork by Jack Katz-Artist. Any amount you can do supports a living artist who has dedicated a lifetime to producing highly original art and story telling. Thank you.…/jack-katz-new-graphic…/x/5873904

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“Beyond the Beyond” Jack Katz’s New Graphic Novel – IndieGoGo Campaign to Launch

After the successful Titan Publishing hardcover reprint of Jack Katz’s “The First Kingdom” last year, we’re now revving up for Jack’s new, epic graphic novel, “Beyond the Beyond.” I’m on a team of 12 dedicated people who are bringing Jack, at 87, into the digital age. In just five days, we’re launching an IndieGoGo campaign which will support the first three months of Jack creating this masterpiece. This is my first effort at launching a crowd funding campaign and we’re all super excited to make this a reality! You’ll be hearing about it.                  - Brian Miller

Sample page from "Beyond the Beyond," a new work in progress!

Sample page from “Beyond the Beyond,” a new work in progress!

Here’s a write up on the campaign at Comics Bulletin.

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Sketches Vol. 1 – Signed by Jack Katz -Exclusive on

A number of years ago, Brian Miller, a student of Jack’s went through hundreds of sketches and chose a range that he thought reflected the style of drawing Jack has been doing for decades. Gathered together here is everything from brief ideas to full-scale drawings detailed beyond belief. Individuals, groups, all with the Jack Katz flair for fidelity to anatomy. Black & White. Hammermill Color Copy Paper, Spiral Bound. Signed by Jack Katz.

This is the only place you can purchase these, through PayPal, and a limited number available.

See a preview of this magnificent work here:

$50.00 includes shipping


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The Master at Work

Jack Katz is hard at work on the sequel to The First Kingdom, “Beyond the Beyond.” There is no set release date yet, but look for it in two to three years. This will not be released serially, but as a complete graphic novel. All we know is that it will be over 800 pages and of course Jack will write, pencil and ink it all himself. Hopefully we’ll be able to show a few preview pages so check back here for more. Jack will turn 87 in September and he’s at the top of his game.

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Review of Volume 5 of The First Kingdom, “The Space Explorer’s Club”

If you have any doubt that the 5th and 6th books that follow up the original 24 episodes of “The First Kingdom” are not on par… rest assured, they are on par and then some. Check out this review of Book Five, “The Space Explorer’s Club” released by Titan Publishing.

Review by Villordsutch at Flickering Myth Click Here.

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Destiny – The final chapter of The First Kingdom announced by Westfield Comics

Destiny, Volume 6 of The First Kingdom from Titan Publications announced at Westfield Comics. Read more HERE.

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The First “Graphic Novel”

There has been much debate on who first used the term “graphic novel” and who created the first graphic novel. Like most of recorded history, there are different versions and the Internet is, of course, very good at propagating information, but not at discerning which information is most accurate.

This article, appearing at Comics Alliance, points to the fact that Will Eisner is often credited as the originator of the term “graphic novel” and that one of its first known or most widely known applications was for Eisner’s 1978 publication, “A Contract With God.”

It goes on to say that Jack Katz may have preceded Will Eisner’s use of the term, at least in private conversations and correspondence. Jack Katz is also the first to announce the creation of a graphic novel, if not the first to actually complete one. Given the scope of “The First Kingdom” and the fact that it took some 15 years to complete, it’s not surprising if he was not the first to market with a “complete” graphic novel.

Read the original article at Comics Alliance by Chris Sims here: The Secret Origin of the ‘Graphic Novel’: Where Eisner Heard the Term

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The Space Explorer’s Club – TFK vol. 5

This is where things start to get really exciting! Fans of The First Kingdom have not seen any new publications since the last of the 24 books were published in the early 80s. For the first time, two sequels are being published, in hard cover, by Titan Publishing. These are “The Space Explorer’s Club” and “Destiny.” These are volumes five and six respectively. We just received some advance copies of volume five, “The Space Explorer’s Club” and it is beautiful! It is scheduled for release on September 24, 2014. Jack Katz has really hit his stride on these last two volumes, taking up where he left off.
The Space Explorer's ClubIn his Wikipedia, “Katz admits that the first twenty issues are the introduction to the real Kingdom story, issues 21–24. The first twenty issues are filled with past histories that are interwoven and repeat the same doomed cycle: a hard-won ascent from primitivity blossoms into a golden age of scientific advancement which inevitably devolves into war and a preoccupation with survival and superstition. Katz’s fears concerning the human condition are revealed here. His characters haven’t been able to transcend their “early programming” born out of environmental stresses; they can’t escape their base motivations such as greed, envy, jealousy, etc. The chance for humanity to break this cycle comes with the arrival of Queltar in Book 20, who encourages a select few to join him and embrace their true potential among the stars.”

It’s amazing to think that Jack was in his early 50s when he finished the first 24 books and now in his 80s, he’s drawing and writing better than ever. In fact, he’s still working on the series. With his permission, we may be able to reveal some sneak peeks here at some point.

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The Return of the Classic Graphic Novel

Jack Katz 2014
Our friend, Bob Gill,  just sent this link to Printsasia. Guest Author Jack Katz gives us some more insight into how and why The First Kingdom came to be. Read it HERE.

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