Jack Katz Live – Book Passage San Francisco

A rare chance to see Jack Katz live, signing his books, The First Kingdom, volumes 1-2, which you can purchase at the event. Jack hasn’t made a public appearance like this since Comic-Con 2013 and may not be due for another for some time, so don’t miss it.
More on The Book Passage website HERE.
Jack Katz Book Signing at Book Passage

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ComicAttack.Net Five Star Review for TFK Vol. 1

Reviewer Martin Thomas gave The First Kingdom, Vol. 1 – The Birth of Tundran five stars, stating,”Jack Katz’s The First Kingdom is an intense work that deserves, or really demands, concentration and devotion from the reader.” Like many other reviewers, he points out that this is super dense work, speaking of both the visuals and the text.

Read the full review HERE.

Thomas also highlighted his review on his blog, Daddy Rolled a 1, which you can read HERE.

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SciFi Mafia Rave Review for The First Kingdom Vol. 1

“The world is vast, the characters are numerous, and the drawings are so very detailed that it takes ages to get through a page. Do not read this as a negative thing.”
Read the rave review HERE.
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Praises for The First Kingdom from Comics Alternative

“Simply put, The First Kingdom: The Birth of Tundran succeeds
as an enormously engaging adventure that keeps the pages turning
and demands your attention.”

- Andy Wolverton, Comics Alternative

Read the entire review HERE.

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Glowing Review of The First Kingdom Vol. 1 by Fanboy Comics

“The First Kingdom is a historical benchmark in the history of the comic book and graphic novel industry.” – More praise for The First Kingdom Vol. 1 from Bryant Dillon, Fanboy Comics President. Read his glowing review HERE.

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Den of Geek geeks out on The First Kingdom Volume 1

“Volume one is a mind-blowing blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and philosophy.” Well that’s a pretty good opening for a review of The First Kingdom. Reviewer Mike Cecchini goes on from there… “Katz cites Hal Foster’s Tarzan strips as an influence on his art, and that certainly shows here. The First Kingdom is told through a combination of dialogue and the “storybook” captions that dominated Foster’s Prince Valiant and Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon.” This is absolutely correct. Jack Katz was not only a great admirer of both Hal Foster and Alex Raymond, but knew both of them personally. They both offered their advice and spurred Jack to invent the graphic novel. There were others involved in those conversations, including Burne Hogarth and Will Eisner, but ultimately it was Jack who had to find a new means of expression for something that had been fomenting since he was only twelve years old. This first book of The First Kingdom may tell the story of the birth of Tundran, but in some ways, it is also the birth of the graphic novel and of Jack Katz. Read the full review HERE.

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Retrenders attempts to explain The First Kingdom

Retrenders has the same unenviable task as many other reviewers, trying to explain The First Kingdom to a first time audience. I like this line from their review:  ”The First Kingdom Vol 1 may not read like one of those Russian novels like ‘War and Peace’, but it’s pretty close.” They also came up with this little gem, “If you like sci-fi/fantasy with that old-school kick…” Read the full review HERE.

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Word of the Nerd introduces The First Kingdom

Wait till 21st century nerds get their hands on The First Kingdom. The word is out. Now let’s sit back and watch as the world of Jack Katz collides with the world of the nerds. I’m sure they’ll relish the days before there were genres like sword and sorcery or space opera. With The First Kingdom, they’ll get all that and more! Announcement from Word of the Nerd HERE.

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Tremendous Review for Volume 1 at This Is Infamous

Well today Volume 1 of Titan Publishing’s The First Kingdom officially went on sale at booksellers everywhere and this very thorough and favorable review of that book appeared yesterday on ThisIsInfamous.com and you can read it HERE. “It’s not entirely sci-fi and it’s not entirely fantasy; it’s old-school, but aspiring to be ahead of its time. It will blow the minds of sword-and-sorcery or Golden Age Sci-Fi fans…” Yes indeed!

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Digital Spy Announces The First Kingdom Volume 2

Digital Spy made an announcement about Titan Publishing’s October Solicitations, including The First Kingdom Vol. 2. Read it HERE.

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